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Japan Blues Album Launch with Hibiki and Akari Live

EXCLUSIVE opportunity to lay your hands on the new Japan Blues LP!

DJ set from Japan Blues playing all Japanese vinyl that will blow your mind!

LIVE Japanese music from Hibiki Ichikawa (Shamisen) and Akari Mochizuki (Enka). 

Japan Blues is a mysterious character... How could a North Londoner, raised on the best of multi-culti Britain’s musical heritage, to become a maniac for Japanese music?

He has run a radio show on NTS for nearly three years now playing exclusively Japanese music, keeping the tracklist a closley guarded secret. His edits of obsucre Japanese electronic music have increased his notoriety and he was even shipped over to Berlin to DJ in underground rave bunkers. That's not to mention that he's been found in the Tate Mordern and Cafe Oto playing records. Now he will be releasing an LP named "Japan Blues Sells His Record Collection" and this will be the first oppurtunity to lay your hands on it. 

LIVE sets from Hibiki Ichikawa (Shamisen) and Akari Mochizuki (Enka). 

Hibiki is the only professional Tsugaru shamisen player in Europe. Tsugaru is the northern region of Japan, which has its own regional percussive style. His set normally consists of traditional folk songs and improvisations.

Akari will be singing in the Enka style.


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