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Yard Sale Pizza Party With Metronomy DJ Set. Margheritas With Your Margaritas!

To celebrate the partnership of two Time Out award winners, Yard Sale Pizza and Machine No.3, we're hosting a pizza party, with free slices and Metronomy DJ set, so you can enjoy Margheritas with your Margaritas. 


Yard Sale Pizza's 'MIDNIGHT FEAST' pizza party with specially spectacular special guest DJ Anna Prior, drummer of the very awesome METRONOMY playing ALL the pizza party jams!

****** Free slices at the bar from 10.30/11pm ******
********** Margheritas with your Margaritas **********
*************Pizza merch 'get the T-shirt'**************

**********Happy Hour 5-8pm with 2 x selected cocktails of £10**************

A pizza party to top all pizza parties as we mark the newly formed and beloved partnership where award winning stonebaked pizza dudes Yard Sale Pizza serve right up to the bar at Machine No.3, just yards from the original back yard where they refined their wares before opening up on Lower Clapton Road back in 2014. Arrive early, ready to dance, one hand free for cocktails and the other for a slice. 

Machine No.3 is a neighbourhood bar on Well Street in Homerton, from the creative minds behind The Three Compasses in Dalston – siblings Lauren and Antony Johns, and their French partner Briac Le Camus. The name is derived from the extraordinary setting of the bar – a dilapidated old laundry on the corner of Well Street, which the trio have transformed into a bar. They serve local craft beer on draft from Cate Brewery, Beavertown Brewery & Camden Town Brewery, as well as organic wine, premium spirits and a signature cocktail list using East London Liquor Co as their house pour.

Time Out winners of 'Best Bar in Homerton' was awarded to Machine No.3 in 2016, with Yard Sale winning Most Loved Restaurant! Dream team! 

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