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Launch Party: PFGT Pop Up Food Residency

Join us for the launch of PFGT’s new pop up residency at Machine No.3, with 50% off food & drinks between 6-9pm and DJ Elles McFierce'em til midnight. 

Gourmet toast specialists Pretty F*cking Good Toast (PFGT) are holding an evening pop-up residency at Machine No.3 throughout October. The event is being held in collaboration with craft beer lords Beavertown Brewery with carefully selected beer pairing for the new menu. 

“Toast is our thing. But not just any toast… pretty f*cking good toast,” PFGT founder Dave Darmanin said. “We take all the ingredients, skill, finesse and twiddly-bits of fine dining, and serve it up on toasts so fancy you could wear them on your head at Ascot Ladies Day.”

Darmanin had a stint working at Noma, so you get the idea.


Sourdough; verbena harissa; walnuts; Gruyere melt; Dandelion* (optional pancetta) - 7/9
Paired with Quelle beer

Sourdough; sea-salt butter; asparagus; marmite; Lincolnshire poacher; rose petals (optional pancetta) - 8/10
Paired with Neck Oil beer

Sourdough; thyme butter; duck salami (Cannon & Cannon); Parmesan; dark chocolate; water celery* - 10
Paired with Smog Roacket beer

Sourdough; seaweed butter; smoked haddock; burrata; wood sorrel* - 10
Paired with Lupuloid beer

*foraged from Kent

Snacks & sides:

Kimchi – 3
Sauerkraut - 3
Beer sticks - 3