A B O U T    U S

At Rehab, we’re serious about providing healthy food and drink, but we’re also serious about enjoying life.

Our  mission is to provide delicious, organic, homemade, vegan produce, as locally sourced as possible. However, we aren’t dogmatic, and our version of wellbeing incorporates a sense of acceptance, community & fun.

Let us cater for your ups, your downs, your hunger, your thirst, your body, your mind, day and night. To cure is good, but to prevent is better, so build yourself up, & let your hair  down.

Rehab. Heal yourself.


We have a small kitchen, and make everything FRESH so we do apologise if your meals come out staggered or you have to wait, good things take time.

Rehab concentrates on bringing you food that is unique, homemade, and crafted with conscience. A feast that goes far beyond satisfying your hunger. From start to finish, everything is thought out and we do our best to combine foods that help one another as carriers. All of our meals are vegan, plant based and have added super-foods. Everything is free from refined sugar and dairy. We use alkalising bases for our dressings and all of our spreads are made in house. We use fermented ingredients to provide healthy gut bacteria, to help absorb the nutrients. 


From an invigorating morning tonic to a relaxing glass or wine, we’ve got you covered. What’s a tonic? A tonic is a stimulating combination of herbs, vitamins and minerals, taken to boost vitality and wellbeing. Our range of tonics are packed with wonderful ingredients which safeguard your body against illness and help aid recovery. The extraordinary health benefits of tonics bring the mind, body and spirit into greater balance to promote life-long wellness.

We do things a little  differently at rehab. Mushrooms in hot chocolate? Beetroot in lattes? There’s a reason behind everything! So explore our menu and put our philosophy of “don’t knock it until you feel it” to the test. We promise our tonics will get you high. Our vegan bar serves alcohol, so wind down and finish your day with a medicinal cocktail, like our Espresso Martini with MCT oil, for it's wealth of health benefits. And don’t feel too bad about a hangover... we’re here to set you straight in the morning.